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We are a hospital membership organization – a Colloquium – Heart Failure Experts working together. Our improvement methodology covers the entire continuum of care and leads to becoming a Colloquium Accredited Heart Failure Center or Institute – an important distinction for those seeking pre-eminence in their market. If heart failure is important to you and your hospital, then you are important to the Colloquium, building the healthcare system of the future.

Why The Colloquium
  • Hospital Membership Organization
    Hospitals join the Colloquium and participate as members. As a hospital membership organization,...
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    YANA means You Are Not Alone. Surviving the current healthcare environment can be daunting. There...
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    Differentiation & Positioning
    Edward Chamberlin, an American economist, was first to define “differentiation” in...
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  • Knowledge & Vision
    Knowledge provides the foundation. Discernment permits interpretation to create actionable...
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    Continuum of Care Approach
    “I go to sleep with heart failure every night and I wake up with heart failure every...
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Community Domain

Individuals with heart failure live within our communities. Given the chronic and progressive nature of heart failure, communities need to be responsive to the needs of individuals and their families. In many...

Hospital Domain

The hospital is central in organizing heart failure care due to the nature of the illness itself. All individuals with heart failure experience acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) at some point and will...

Clinician Domain

The Clinician Domain is dedicated to all those who deliver clinical care to individuals with heart failure and their families. We ask, “How can we care for the caregivers?” Within the human dyad...

Science Domain

Everyone desires kind and compassionate healthcare. No one wants to see Nurse Ratched (One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest) walk into their room. So if there is a minimum expectation of kind and...
Recent News
Sonja Dahl RN, DNP, CNP - Nurse Maven 2014Mayo Clinic’s Sonja Dahl wins Heart Failure Nurse Maven Award

COLUMBUS, Ohio - (June 9, 2014) Achieving excellence in the field of nursing is often a balancing act that’s both a science and an art, combining technical proficiency and a commitment to patient safety with true compassion...


I attended the webinar “Heart Failure Readmission – A Fireside Chat with Patty Williams”… a wonderful session, and the information valuable. Thank you.  

- Kelly Wilson RN, BSN
Chest Pain/Heart Failure
Clinical Program Manager
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